So, what mouthpiece do you use? 

 December 30, 2009

By  Luis Aquino

Ahhh. The eternal question…  What mouthpiece do you use? For many years my answer to that question should have been:  “Whatever someone recommended this week”.  I was an expert in switching mouthpieces very often. Sometimes every  week, sometimes twice a month. If I missed a note, got tired or just sucked in a gig or rehearsal, I always felt it was the mouthpiece’s fault, not mine!  I thought that if I  couldn’t play well that day, was because the mouthpiece was too small, too big, too shallow or deep, or maybe too shiny. My fixation with finding the holy grail in the mouthpiece department, didn’t let me own up to the fact that it was always my fault.  Yes, my fault, for switching so much that I was not letting my chops find the way to play better with whatever mouthpiece felt good and right.  I was looking for perfection in the feeling of my chops and trying to find a mouthpiece that would allow me to play a double C and also sound well in a brass Quintet.  There is no such a thing.

What we can find is the right tool for the job at hand. It is not a sin to use one mouthpiece for Lead and another for Jazz and yet a third one for Legit.  It is not a sin!  Use your logic and don’t be stupid.  Use the mouthpiece that feels and sounds good on that playing environment.  Don’t kill yourself trying to play Lead in a 1C and don’t sound like an ass in a brass Quintet trying to play a 10E.  Keep it simple, practice with all the chosen mouthpieces and don’t suck.  Please, make music.

Luis Aquino

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Luis Aquino es uno de los trompetistas más influyentes de Latino America.
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