Food for thought 

 noviembre 24, 2010

By  Luis Aquino

I’ve received quite a few emails and comments regarding one of the recordings that I did during the ’90s, when I recorded trumpet for a lot of Merengue productions.  The comments talked about a particular CD being their favorite as far as the sound of my trumpet:  «Me olvidé de vivir» of Toño Rosario.  That got me thinking and it blew me away when I realized the following:

In that CD I played with considerably LESS volume than my normal playing volume by the time and indeed, my sound came out a lot clearer, bigger and better in every aspect.  Food for thought for those times when we want to play louder than Life itself.

Luis Aquino

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Luis Aquino es uno de los trompetistas más influyentes de Latino America.
Le encanta pensar, leer, escribir, practicar trompeta y tocar con músicos de excelencia.

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  1. Luis…..I agree with you completely……in playing the trumpet as in playing golf often times we do not trust the equipment to do the job they were designed to acomplish……so we pull out a seven iron and we put all the muscle mass that we can come up with and bang the hell out of the ball…..the result is that we get in the way of the natural outcome…….the same goes for the trumpet……the equpment is extremely unforgiving when we get in the way!!!!!!!!

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