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 abril 18, 2016

By  Luis Aquino

So many times I’ve wondered how a musician can interpret various kinds of music styles and sound genuine in all of them.

Being that one of my goals when I play music, my guess is a musician that has achieved it, really respects all music styles, even if he/she doesn’t like them.

Hard to do, but if we can’t get ourselves to respect a music style, how could we possibly get to play it and sound correctly?

Interpretation is on our hands.  We are the messengers of Art.  From us, is that the public hears it and hopefully will listen.

And that is another reason.  A musician that achieves the goal of sounding genuine in many styles, is capable if listening, not just hearing.

Listening to the little but huge nuances that particular style includes.  Understanding what it is that separates the great interpretations from the average.


Luis Aquino

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Acerca del autor

Luis Aquino es uno de los trompetistas más influyentes de Latino America.
Le encanta pensar, leer, escribir, practicar trompeta y tocar con músicos de excelencia.

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