Suggestion for arrangers and copyists -

Suggestion for arrangers and copyists

In every chart there are sections that repeat a few times, being the Intro, verse, chorus, etc.  Recently I’ve observed that many arrangers and copyists are not clearly specifying how many times those sections are supposed to repeat.

It is true that if the section is to be played a total of 4 times, the first ending would have a “1. 2. 3.” and the last ending would have a “4.”

For example:

That’s all good, but when one is sight reading the chart, one needs as much help as possible.

It would be of great help to specify the total of times right at the beginning of the section.  For example:

That simple “4X” could mean the difference between having everyone at the same place and the Band sounding like ass, because chances are that at least one guy won’t realize how many times the section should be played.


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