Ahh, Technology… 

 January 8, 2012

By  Luis Aquino

Here are two somewhat complicated matters that I’m very interested in knowing your opinions about.

1)  With all the improvements in technology, where almost anyone with little or no talent can sound like a million bucks after a lot of editing, I still think that recordings should sound like recordings and live should sound live.  Is it responsible to keep blurring the frontier between recordings and live?


2) How much editing is enough?  It’s almost a rhetoric question, but, should we see music at the same level as photography, where many people use Photo Shop to death?  Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all that’s happening with technology and love copy and paste, but Shouldn’t we practice more and make sure we are able to play a lot easier the hard shit that we sometimes have to record?

Luis Aquino

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Acerca del autor

Luis Aquino es uno de los trompetistas más influyentes de Latino America.
Le encanta pensar, leer, escribir, practicar trompeta y tocar con músicos de excelencia.

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