I use Fides Trumpets and Warburton Mouthpieces.

During my career I’ve tried many brands of trumpets.  For many years my favorite brand was Yamaha.  To me, they’re much easier to play than Bach.  I’ve even thought that Bach instruments don’t like me because I get lower back pain whenever I play them.  My deepest respects to all the players out there that make their living playing Bach...  I can’t.

In 2006, while on tour with Ricky Martin, I tried a Fides Trumpet at Gerry Lopez’ Music Store.  I fell in love with how easy it is to play.  As easy as the Yamaha and with a sound leaning towards Bach.  The best of both worlds!  I use the Symphony model (Heavy Weight-FTR8000ML with the Large bell option). Click here to see all the models that Fides offers.

Warburton Mouthpieces give me the sound an intonation I need and I can get any alteration I dream of.  With these guys I can go crazy and anything I create in my mind to change my mouthpiece, they’ll get it.  The mouthpiece I use is marketed as the L.Aquino model.  Check it out.